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Project I Support Independent Journalism at Folha Geral

Folha Geral is an independent, non-profit media maintained with its own resources by people who believe in good journalism without advertising, non-partisan and without pressure from the elites.

It was founded in 2013 with the purpose of being a newspaper at the service of society, not focused on immediacy or viral topics, but with a deeper approach to topics omitted by traditional (commercial) media. However, this is not an easy task without the necessary resources. and since then it has covered various daily topics, focusing on social news, local news (Bahia) and politics and has the collaboration of news agencies to enrich its content.

We want to go further... and we need your help

Support the project: I support Folha Geral Independent Journalism, a campaign to raise funds to expand the production of public interest news independently. With its financial support, Folha Geral will strengthen:

The contributions collected will be used to remunerate graduated journalists and other expenses and costs of producing content and new technologies, that is, the income raised through this campaign will have a single objective: guarantee the production of independent journalism.

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